Why You Need To Get Refitted

Here at Bratts of Northwich, we are proud to be able to offer our female customers a fantastic bra fitting service in Northwich. As a woman, having a comfortable, well-fitting, and supportive bra should always be a priority. The majority of women seem to neglect their breasts, but what they don’t realise is that having regular bra fittings is not only a great way of keeping on top of their bra size, but it is actually beneficial to their health!

Are you looking for a lingerie shop in Northwich? This blog post is not only going to give you a more in-depth insight into the importance of having a well-fitted bra, but it is going inform you of the bra fitting services we offer here at Bratts of Northwich.

The Benefits of our Bra Fitting in Northwich

Let’s firstly talk about the effects of an ill-fitting bra and how our bra fitting services can benefit you and your health. Women tend to settle for a poorly fitted bra because they believe ‘it’s doing the job’ when the bra could actually be taking its toll on their body.

80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra. This is usually due to having little spare time, feeling embarrassed to ask for a appointment or being unaware of the issues badly fitted bras could cause, but what they don’t realise is that having the wrong-sized bra can have a negative effect on their life. For starters, your poorly fitted bra can damage your skin and reduce your blood circulation, no matter what size breasts you have. Ultimately, if it’s too tight, it’s having a pushing effect against your chest and if its too loose, your breasts are sagging which to your skin and chest, feels like a weight is hanging off of them. 

In terms of skin damage, Suzanne Pentland, an expert bra fitter for Freya, says: “Your bra should not move throughout the day. The band should be firm enough to sit in place, but if it’s too big, your bra will move, and this causes rubbing on the skin, which can cause irritation.”

Headaches are another effect of ill-fitting bras; without support, your cleavage is left hanging which means your neck and upper back muscles have to work harder to support the weight of your chest, thus creating headaches. This is worse if your breasts are larger, in which it can become painful for your neck and back, too. Your spine is designed to bend, move and rotate, but if your bra is too tight, your back will be left feeling stiff because your spine can’t move as easily, causing back pain.

Like previously mentioned, having an ill-fitted bra can affect your breathing; even though you won’t feel short of breath, the quality of your breathing will be impacted. Physio and osteopath Tim Allardyce from Surrey Physio explains “Although this won’t cause any noticeable change in breathing rate or shortness of breath, it does impact on the breathing mechanics and makes it more likely you will be a shallow rib breather. This can affect the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, so deep breathing is always more preferable.”

Not only does it affect your health, but having a poorly fitted bra can make you feel uncomfortable and can give an unflattering appearance to your clothing. So, ladies of Northwich, this is where you put a stop to wearing bras that don’t fit properly and head down to our Northwich store today to get your breasts measured for the perfect sized bra. 

Get Fitted Event

As an underwear shop in Northwich, our Bratts store regularly holds bra fitting events for all of our customers! If you attend, you will be given the opportunity to come and get your breasts measured so that you can find a bra that fits you perfectly.

We are hosting a week-long Lingerie Event from the 14th of October 2019! On the Tuesday, we will be joined by an expert from the well-established lingerie company, Fantasie, who will be on-hand to guide you, and for the rest of the week, our highly trained team will be able to help you find the right size, style and colour for your body. As if that wasn’t enough, we will also be offering 20% off a bra when you are fitted, and the chance to enter our two free prize draws.

Keep an eye out for more details on the offers and times of the event over on our social channels!

Our bra fitting in Northwich allows you to avoid any of the health issues above; not only that, but you will look a whole lot sexier in one of our numbers, too. We are all guilty of buying cheap bras that don’t last long and don’t compliment our breasts as they should. Here at Bratts, we are a bra shop in Northwich that proudly offers a whole range of bras from selective brands that are known for their well-measured sizes and excellent quality fabrics. 

Head down to our Northwich store today to treat your boobs to a bra fitting so that you can finally find a bra that fits!

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