What to Get Your Dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up fast so if you haven’t started looking for something to buy him, you better get going now. It’s the one day of the year dedicated to thanking your dad for doing your homework with you as a child, being a personal bank/taxi throughout your teenage years and supporting you as you started on your journey as an adult or even starting your own family. So you will want to find the perfect gift.

At Bratts of Northwich, we have a massive range of gifts to choose from; from clothing to cookware and even sentimental gifts that will bring a tear to a father’s eye. Read on for our top picks for the best gifts for each different type of dad.

The Cook and the Host

Terracotta Cookware

Some dads were just born to be hosts, serving delicious foods and cracking great jokes that leave their guests crying with laughter. We’ve all been exposed to a dad joke or two, and laughing around the dinner table with your family is one of life’s best pleasures. This Father’s Day, spoil your dad with some new kitchen treats that will make him smile. At Bratt’s, we sell Terracotta Cookware, perfect for creating and serving exotic foods as well as a vast array of cutlery and table cloths to suit any kitchen decor.

We have a range of kitchenware for you to choose from, but a popular choice we have is the Cast Iron Gourmet Cheese Baker, perfect for a summer or winter night in with the family. Whether you are huddled around the fire or sat outside basking in the setting sun, this will be the perfect gift for your dad will bring out at least once a week – because after all, who doesn’t love cheese?

The Baby Daddy

This year there will be thousands of dads celebrating their first ever Father’s Day, perhaps even with a cute little newborn in their arms. Therefore, it’s up to you as a mum to get them something cute to show them how much you appreciate them and how proud you are of how they adjusted to fatherhood. Just because their baby isn’t old enough to make them a handmade card or a PVA glue and paper mache gift doesn’t mean they can’t receive something special.

At Bratts, we have lots of gifts perfect for a new father that will make their day memorable. Something like a family mug set with mugs labelled ‘daddy’, ‘mummy’ and ‘little person’ can have substantial sentimental significance and remind the dad of this father’s day every time they see them. Something like this has more personal value than anything else as it can be treasured and reused through the years.

The Fashion Focused Dad

Haworth Shirts

As much as we hate to admit it, our dads can have fashion sense…sometimes. And some dads love shopping more than their own kids! At Bratts, we have a whole section dedicated to menswear, so finding something to suit your dad’s style won’t be hard. We have some gorgeous summer tees from the best designers, like Crew Clothing and Haworth, that are perfect as we get closer to the summer holidays. If your dad has a more casual style, check out White Stuff and Weird Fish for cool but comfortable clothing or Meyer who offer the best fitting jeans out there.

Struggling to find something you know he will wear? Need some inspiration? Check out our blog on the Top Spring Looks for Men!

If your dad is a shoe lover, we stock Elle who make even your feet stylish with their leading designs. There’s no limit to the variety of styles we have in our store and with so many brands of clothing and shoes to choose from the hours can tick by before you even realise it!

Father’s Day is coming so don’t be caught out late searching the shelves for any leftover gifts the night before. Take the time now to look for something that your dad will love and appreciate. For more information on Bratts and our stores, contact us today or check out our website.

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