What Gifts Would the ‘Friends’ Characters Have?

There are many occasions during the year which lead us to buy our friend’s presents, such as birthdays, Christmas’ or even a nice little thank you gift after they did you a favour. We want to believe that we know our mates’ personalities very well so that we know exactly what to get them. As we have just celebrated the Friends TV Show’s 25th Anniversary, we thought it would be fun to help you match your friend to one of the characters so that you can buy them a present that they are guaranteed to love.

Whether you have a cooking-mad BFF or a pal who’s very extravagant with their style, Bratts has a range of gifts that would not only be perfect for Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe, but gifts that would be perfect for your friends, too.  

Read on to see our take on the ideal gifts for your favourite ‘Friends’ characters. Whether you need a Christmas present for the Ross of your group or a little thank you gift for your Rachel-like sister, we have you sorted.

What to Get Monica?

Monica is a neat-freak chef who loves making sure that everything is in the right place while making fabulous Thanksgiving meals for her pals. If your mum is just as clean-obsessed as Monica or you have a friend who’s a fantastic chef then you can treat them to some high-quality cookware from our in-store range. We stock several luxurious cooking brands such as Royal Doulton and Portmeirion. Help your friend make their next family feast sensational to look at as well as eat with a fresh set of pans or some sparkly new cooking equipment. Whether your budget will allow you to treat them to new cutlery or crockery, we have something in store for you.

Presents for Phoebe

Phoebe is the odd one of the group as she loves to wear eccentric clothes, cleanse people’s auras and stand out from the crowd. Her hit song ‘Smelly Cat’ is one all ‘Friends’ fans can recite word for word. If you have a mate who’s just as different and lovable as Phoebe then we have some gifts in our stores ideal for them, too.

Our Cuddly Cat is perfect for any ‘Friends’ fan or Phoebe clone; reminiscent of her favourite song. It is something Phoebe would have in her apartment to snuggle up with after her breakup with Mike. In terms of clothes, if your friend has an extravagant style then Joe Browns are the perfect brand for their look; they have all types of clothing in various fabrics and patterns that look like the hippy-chic style Phoebe follows. 

Stylish Clothes for Rachel

Rachel was a style icon during the decade the show initially ran. Even now, people, fan or not of the show, know of the iconic Rachel hairstyles that inspired thousands of women across the world. And as she worked for Ralph Lauren in the show, it’s no surprise that she is the most stylish of the group.

For the Rachel’s in your family and friends, find something perfect to match their style in our womenswear. We stock affordable high-end brands that look good on all shapes and sizes and make women feel as beautiful as they look. We stock brands such as Joules, Superdry and Gerry Weber; meaning you will be completely spoilt for choice! We even have some stylish shoes in-store too to gift them with a whole new Rachel-like outfit!

What About Ross?

Ross is like Marmite; he’s either your most favourite or your least favourite character of the show. He’s the fun-loving friend who has a few outbursts (just don’t eat his sandwich!) and is the big nerd of the group. But, he’s also the father. He’s the first to start a family in the show and is shown to be a great dad to Ben and Emma throughout.

For the Ross’ in your life, it can often be hard to find them the perfect gift as a dinosaur fossil would cost us thousands. For professor and intellect Ross, however, a new outfit for work would be ideal. At Bratts, we have brands such as Crew Clothing Company and Haworth that will make finding a smart outfit easy for you.

Don’t Forget Joey!

Everybody loves Joey, and he’ll love you too as long as you remember that he doesn’t share food. As there is always that one person in our friend’s group who loves food and is always asking when they’re having their next meal, maybe something tasty would be your best bet. But, eating isn’t Joey’s only skill, he’s also known as the romancer in ‘Friends’; often dating many women from one series to the next.

Get some new cutlery and plates for your Joey-like friend so that they can eat in style when they next order pizza for themselves and their partner. Or, help them transform and deck-out their bedroom with the best linen, sheets and pillows- since Joey seems to spend a lot of time in there in between meals.

Check out our website today to learn more about Bratts, our stores and the various brands that we stock. ‘Friends’ is such an iconic TV show, and on more than one occasion, we compare ourselves to the characters. Make Christmas shopping easy this year by linking your friends and family to a character to start shopping based on their personality.

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