Top Wedding Gifts

Weddings are a joyous occasion; two people coming together in holy matrimony with a fabulous party, tasty food and cheesy tunes. It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t like getting invited to a wedding. But, being a wedding guest does come with some responsibilities, one of the most crucial being to bring a gorgeous gift for the lucky couple. You will want something perfect, which is both a beautiful gift but also practical as there’s nothing worse than spending money on a present for someone that they don’t use.

To make sure you buy the best wedding gift read on for our top suggestions. With so many brands available in our Northwich store, finding something suitable for any couple is easy peasy, just take a look around!

Gifts for the House-Proud

WoodWick Hourglass Candle

If you are trying to find a gift for the happy couple that you know they will love and use, look no further than our house decor. We have a wide range of big-name brands in our Northwich store that all offer something unique and beautiful that would make lovely gifts for any couple. One of our premium brands is WoodWick, who create amazing candles with containers that look like pieces of art in their design, shape and colour, making them perfect for any stylish decor. They also come in large sizes, meaning that they will be long-lasting gifts that can be used again and again for romantic at-home dates or to create the perfect atmosphere for movie nights.

Also in our stores, we stock Wrendale, a fantastic company with beautiful, countryside illustrations of animals on their products. We have cushions with pictures of horses and sheep that would be the perfect fit for any couple with a homey feel to their living room. There are also clocks with cute hedgehogs and ducks that will brighten up any couple’s kitchen. Home-wares are a very traditional gift as you are helping the newly weds to build their home together.

Gifts For The Couple Who Cook

Alice in Wonderland Tea Set

One gift that is guaranteed to get some use is cookware, and we have an amazing terracotta collection that is so beautiful it will almost pain the couple to actually use it. It is perfect for couples that loves to cook or throw dinner parties as it will make their dining table look even prettier when they present their food to guests. To accompany this, you could also gift the Casa Domani white porcelain dinner set that would match any dining room or kitchen decor. Every time the couple brings out this set, they will be filled with happy memories of their wedding.

If the couple are quite quirky and like things a little bit different, then the Alice in Wonderland collection we have in store is bound to be a huge hit. We have a beautiful wine tumbler set with gold decoration that will look beautiful on display and when filled with red wine. There is also the 3 tier cupcake stand that would be perfect for when hosting the in-laws. Want something to get their creative cooking juices flowing? Look no further than the World Flavours pasta making machine and ravioli tray which is sure to lead to a lot of laughter in the kitchen and smiles at the dinner table!

Gifts for Luxury Lovers

Belledorm BeddingIf you are still stuck on what to get as the perfect wedding gift, why not consider a little something to make their bedroom more luxurious and relaxing? At Bratts, we have sets by some of the biggest names in bedding available that will guarantee the couple never have another uncomfortable sleep again. Both Bromley and Belladorm offer luxurious bedding sets in a variety of designs, making it easy for you to find something that the couple will love. They are soft and high quality, making them the perfect wedding gift that will be treasured for years to come. You can even combine a bedding set with a new pair of pillows or a duvet from the multiple brands we have in store to build a little hamper. By doing this, you gift the couple a package of everything they need for a deep, fantastic sleep – which is something they will be grateful for when they start their own family!

Weddings can be fantastic fun, but don’t forget to get a gift for the lucky couple that is personal to them and shows that you have put some thought into it. Make sure to give yourself enough time to look around so you don’t end up shoving some money inside a card on the day. To learn more about our stores, contact us today for more information or check out our website.

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