Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for Your Partner

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Picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day present can often be a little stressful. It is the day when you are meant to express your love for your partner, and the gift you give them is supposed to show how well you know and appreciate them. This puts a lot of pressure on the decision as you want to make sure you get it just right. We can’t be the only ones who secretly want our partner to gush to their friends about how great we are. C’mon, it’s a great feeling knowing you’ve got them something they absolutely love – not to mention the brownie points we can earn for the next couple of months! Choosing the card and the date night idea might be an easy task, but when it comes to walking around the shops or surfing online, picking your present can be hard.

Well, it doesn’t need to be hard this year! Let Bratts give you a helping hand! Read on for ideas on Valentine’s Day gifts that your partner will love. It’s not always about the cost, so we have provided a range of ideas for him and for her, with small, medium and high-end price tags depending on what you’re after to help inspire you before the big day.

New Shoes and Accessories

When you know someone well, you know everything about them including their personal style. Whether your partner likes to hit the town or save their fancy shoes for family events, treating them to something new can help make every occasion that little more special. We have a beautiful, stylish selection of shoes at our Northwich Bratts store, including comfortable and on-trend men’s Buggati shoes and stunning heels by Moda in Pelle. If your partner likes to dress to impress on date night then this will be a real winner. Give them some posh new shoes to wear and make it the highlight of their Valentine’s Day!

Looking for something special for your girlfriend or wife? You’re in luck! Our range of accessories is never ending, with bags available from David Jones, Radley and Cath Kidston (just to name a few of our well-known designers). Next time you are out exploring the country together or popping down to a local restaurant for a bite to eat, she can do so in style. D and X also have a delicate and beautiful collection of jewellery that your partner will adore, as well as Cath Kidston offering a range of floral and pattern inspired watches. If you’re stuck for inspiration, pop into Bratts and let one of our friendly assistants give you a helping hand to secure the perfect gift this year!

A Trip Away

If your budget is a bit bigger this year – or you’ve secretly been saving – then surprising your partner with a trip away could be the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Whether it is to London, the seaside or abroad to a city of love like Paris or Rome, taking a few days away from home can give you both the relaxation you need. Rather than worrying about day-to-day life at home, take a few days out of work and start exploring and reconnecting.

You can make the surprise even more exciting by purchasing new luggage for you and your partner as a way of ‘giving’ them their present and treating yourself as well. At Bratts, we stock some amazing luxury luggage brands like Highberry, Everest and Woodbridge, meaning you can find the perfect luggage no matter the size, style or colour. As long-lasting items, you will have these pieces to re-use for future trips and remember that special Valentine’s Day for years to come!

A New Outfit

Can a wardrobe ever be too full? Gifting your partner some new clothes or a whole new outfit to wear this Valentine’s Day can show them how much you care. They will be impressed that you made an extra effort to think about their style and taste, and picked out something that flatters them. Not to mention, every girl wants that ‘movie scene’ day where they walk in to find a brand new dress and shoes to be whisked out in later on!


For women, we stock lots of top end designers from Wallis, First Avenue, Anna Rose, Joe Browns, Tigi to Bassini. With so many different individual designers to choose from, finding something to suit your partner’s style is easy, and you can have much more fun browsing the store than you might think – our cafe means you can really make a day of it! 

If you are looking for something for your boyfriend or husband, then we have an extensive collection of menswear also. We have stylish items from brands like Barbour, Weird Fish, Crew Clothing, White Stuff and Haworth. If they are fond of shirts or polo’s we have an extensive selection to choose from. Want to get them the full outfit? Well, we also stock great-fitting jeans in our Meyer collection too!

Home Decor

Fashion not your partner’s forte? Look instead at home decor for a thoughtful gift idea this Valentine’s Day. If your partner is proud of their (or your) home and the way it looks, then gifting them something you know they’ll love finding a place for in the house is a perfect idea.

Maybe you both love a good movie night in? If so, then purchasing some new cushions for you both to lounge on for Valentine’s Day is the perfect match. Wrendale offers homely cushions with nature-inspired designs. If you are looking for something more funny and personal, then we have a range of cushions with covers designed with jokes and phrases.

Perhaps you both love your Sunday mornings in bed and can’t wait to have a relaxed lie-in with the radio playing. At Bratts, we can make this experience even better for you with our Fine Bedding Company pillow and bedding which will make your bed even more comfortable – so much so you’ll never want to get out! You can take this even further by purchasing some new bedding from Helena Springfield, a fantastic designer with fabulous colours and patterns to choose from.

Humorous and Quirky Gifts

Let your personalities out this Valentine’s Day and get your partner something based on your mutual or personal loves or something you think fits their quirky side. If you both enjoy watching TV series together then get something based around this; we have Game of Thrones inspired mugs for men and women which will be something they will love and can actually use. You can accompany these with Cartwright, and Butler traditional sweets which will bring back memories from their childhood and also look perfect sat in the kitchen or living room in their stylish jars.

If your partner has a more unique personality, then don’t shy away from going all out and surprising them with something funny and totally different this Valentine’s day. At Bratts, we stock Warmies, which are microwavable teddies in different designs from a unicorn to a puppy. It can be the laugh-out-loud and useful gift they need this year. You could pair this with the quirky but gorgeous door stops we have in a variety of designs like dogs, chickens, frogs and pigs, created from fun, colourful and patterned materials.

Don’t let the stress of buying Valentine’s Day present take away from your enjoyment of the day! No matter how well you know someone, it can still be hard trying to find the perfect gift. Hopefully, the ideas above will have helped you decide on something that your partner will love this year. If you are interested in any of the brands or presents mentioned, they are available at our Northwich Bratts store so feel free to come down. Or, if you want more information about our business then contact us today.

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