The Most Popular Perfumes of 2019

Perfume is the perfect final touch to any outfit and can make you feel special even on the most casual of days. But, you need to know which perfumes and scents suit various situations. If you wear a musky fragrance to a casual brunch, it may conflict, but it would work perfectly for a late night dinner date. In this blog, we will enlighten you with our expert knowledge on which scents to wear for what occasion, by detailing the most popular perfumes of 2019. By choosing a perfume based on the smell, the style and the popularity, you are sure to wear something that everyone will compliment you on!

La Vie Est Belle

Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle is their best selling feminine fragrance, incarnated by Julia Roberts.

Lancome describes this perfume as a ‘universal declaration to the beauty of life’, shown through the signature magnolia essence fragrance, combined with notes of iris, jasmine and orange blossom to create the perfect floral scent. It is the most feminine perfume imaginable and is ideal for women who like to look and smell like a spring goddess. This perfume and scents like it are perfect for everyday wear to work or a midday brunch with friends as it is light enough not to be too musky or harsh on the nose but has strong enough floral scents to make the people around you notice.

Modern Muse

Modern Muse

Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse has similar floral undertones as La Vie Est Belle, but the added hint of musk makes this a perfume that demands attention. With juicy and exotic mandarin undertones and jasmine, lily and dewy petal fragrances, Modern Muse creates an aroma of femininity. But, with the soft musks, amber wood and patchouli, there is an added sophistication that makes this perfume less suited to casual everyday wear and a touch more formal. Spritz some of this on before a job interview or an important meeting or presentation to show you mean business. The perfume screams that you’re a confident woman on a mission with its mix of female sensuality and potent musk. It also great for a first date, whether you’re getting a hole-in-one at the mini golf or sharing wine over dinner as it sends the message that you’re confident and feminine.

Sensuous Nude

Sensuous Nude

Another popular Estee Lauder perfume this year is the classic, Sensuous Nude, and if the name doesn’t give you an idea of what this perfume will smell like, then let me explain. With modern notes of black pepper and bergamot combined with the delicate aroma of jasmine petals, coconut water and honey, this perfume creates a sensual experience for the nose. It’s intimate notes of amber, musk and vanilla create an exciting new dimension of your sensuality through a personal, warm and sexy fragrance. Wrap your body in the sensuality created through this perfume, perfect for a romantic evenings with your partner, whether that’s at home or a restaurant.


Clinique Happy

Clinique’s Happy perfume is a fresh, floral and fruity scent that contains notes of apple, bergamot, orange and blood grapefruit. Beneath that, scents of freesia and orchid as well as musk and magnolia complete the aroma and make this perfume so popular. With a crisp yet soft scent from the flowers and fruits, this perfume is perfect as we enter summer and are bombarded with weddings and parties. As a very feminine and light perfume, it is ideal for summertime and can be worn all day long with a top up towards the evening before heading out for a relaxing date.

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