Student Essentials – What Your Kids Need for University

With September just around the corner, we need to make sure that we have everything our kids need for university. This can be such a significant change for our kids and is most likely the first time that they have fled the nest. So helping them out by getting their student essentials can be the perfect way to help calm their nerves, and make them feel organised and prepared for independence. You need to make sure that they don’t forget anything; having everything sorted from their kitchen must-haves to their bathroom necessities is a must!

Read on to learn more about what your kids need for university. Here at Bratts, we have such a wide range of homeware; giving your child all of the ingredients for a smooth move-in in just one shop.

Bedding Must-Haves

You need to make sure that your child has all of the bedding that they need when they leave for university as when they arrive all they’re likely to have is a mattress and a bed. You need everything from sheets to duvet sets and maybe even a mattress topper if they’re used to that extra comfort.

Here at Bratts, we stock so many amazing brands whose bedding is not only comfy, but it looks beautiful too. From plump pillows to duvet sets and linen, our selection is affordable for the high-quality materials used. Ensure that your child has the best nights sleep as they transition into a new environment.

Kitchen Necessities

Once the bedroom is sorted, you need to think about what your kids will need for their kitchen. Most student accommodation has a shared kitchen, but your child will still need their pots and pans, cutlery and plates if they want to have everything that they need to cook and eat on a daily basis.

Here at Bratts of Northwich, we have several top-tier cookware brands such as Portmeirion, Royal Doulton and Cole and Mason. Visit us and you will be able to get all of the cookware and kitchen essentials that your kids need to make sure they are looking after themselves properly. By investing in top brands, the kitchenware is likely to last longer and it will be easier to keep clean throughout their whole university experience.

Bathroom Essentials

When moving into student accommodation, your kid will either have a shared bathroom or their own En Suite. Either way, they will need some bathroom essentials to make sure they are showering comfortably. Invest in some new towels that are easy to store and wash, since your kid will start needing to do their own laundry from now on. 

If your child is sharing a bathroom, it still might be worthwhile buying a bathroom bin and bath mat in case the other tenants forget. Take a look around our Bratts store, and you’ll be sure to find something for the bathroom that is both stylish and functional.

University Basics

Not only will your kids need things for their room when they move away to university, but they will need items for the educational elements too. Cath Kidson provides a fantastic range of stationery in quirky designs such as florals, animals and dainty patterns. Often, these can accompany matching notebooks, list pads and pocket diaries that are perfect for making notes, shopping lists and keeping track of their timetable. All of these can fit nicely into a Cath Kidson backpack which all come in various sizes and patterns to suit any taste.

Are you aware of what your kids need for university now? Ensure that they are ready sooner rather than later because September will soon creep up on us! With everything that they need, both yours and your child’s mind can be put at rest. Check out our website today to learn more about our stores and the brands we stock that’ll be ideal for your child’s university experience.

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