Spring Essentials

Spring is the perfect time for a thorough clean-up of your house and wardrobe, throwing out the old and going shopping for new necessities. At Bratts, we have all the spring essentials you will need like new bedding, kitchenware and even fashion. You can purchase new items which will last you years to come and help you to follow the latest trends.

Read on for more information on the spring essentials you need to purchase for your home and wardrobe.

Brand New Bedding

sanderson lyon bedding

There’s nothing more refreshing than a new set of bed linens. That first night after putting on a new duvet cover and sheets is like heaven as you sink into bed and relish the feeling of freshness. Spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new bed linens that will brighten up your bedroom after a dreary winter with bright colours and patterns. At Bratts, we have a large linens section, making it easy for you to find some bedding that will suit your style and budget. If you need to buy plumper pillows or a thinner duvet for the warmer weather, we also have them in-store. Linen is the best fabric for bedding as it is praised for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot, humid weather – which will be perfect as spring transforms into summer.

New Kitchenware

Freshen up your kitchen this spring with new essentials like cutlery, dishes and even pots and pans. We have an extensive home section at Bratts of Northwich with the biggest brands dedicated to kitchenware lining our shelves. We use the kitchen at least three times a day, cooking our meals and searching for naughty snacks, so making this part of our home beautiful is definitely worthwhile. We have various dish sets to choose from as well as cutlery and accessories to make family dinners this spring that little extra special. We also have various cooking equipment like terracotta dishes, pots and pans and even pasta making kits. Just take some time to stroll around our store, and you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and decor.

Refresh Your Look

Seasalt Dress

Spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to a shopping spree to refresh your wardrobe. At Bratts, we are proud of the wide range of womenswear and menswear brand we have in our stores. We stock fabulous high-end brands who release new collections every season, so you know you are always wearing the latest trends.

As the sun starts to peak out from behind the clouds more and the beach starts calling your name, you will need some essential spring clothes like tank tops, skirts and shorts for women, as well as sandals and accessories like light-weight scarves and jackets (because you never know when it will rain in spring!). In our men’s section, you can find spring essentials like denim shorts, polo shirts and t-shirts that are easy to throw on for any occasion.

New Makeup

You might not know this, but makeup has an expiry date, and if you use makeup that is out of date, it could affect your health! Your spring clean should go further than just your clothes and cupboards; you should also rifle through your makeup drawers and throw out anything that is expired. Once you’ve done this, you can decide on what makeup you need to replace and treat yourself at our Northwich store. We have an extensive range of makeup with many different high-end brands like Lancome and Clarins, so you can be sure to find something you love. Whether you need a new foundation, a bold-red lipstick or some shimmery eyeshadow, you can spend hours in our store looking at the various items our brands have to offer. Our talented, passionate assistants are happy to advise you on the latest products and trends, and can help you find the perfect look.

Spring is also the symbol of a new beginning, so there is no time more perfect to try out a new look! Maybe this year you want to test out a more natural look or experiment with different eyeshadow shades. Whatever you want to try, we have such a large collection of makeup that it will be easy to find what you need.

Make sure you have picked up all of your spring essentials and pop into our Northwich store today. To learn more about our stores, contact us today or have a look at our website.

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