Perfect Baking Tools for Great British Bake Off Lovers

Whenever The Great British Bake Off comes on the TV, Britain is swept into baking chaos. Suddenly, we’re judging amazing bakers from our couch, without having lifted a whisk ourselves. It’s all just a bit of fun of course, but why not take it to the next notch and try out some baking yourself? Inspired by what you have seen on the TV, you can give baking a go and see if you can create a signature bake, too!

If you are trying your hand at baking this year, you will need all the right equipment. Bratts has an extensive range of cooking tools and bakeware that can elevate your baking and make every dessert taste perfect. Just have a wander down the aisles, and you will find everything you need to be a fantastic baker by the end of the series.


You might have the determination to start baking, but you can’t start without the right tools! Some of the most important aspects of a good backing session are the utensils; the spoons, whisks and sieves are all necessary to make your baking dreams a reality.

We don’t just stock high-end cookware like Portmeirion, we also have the basic utensils that you need to get started. We want to be your one-stop-shop for all things baking, so we aim to have the best brands in our store. Pop down now while the series is at its prime to get all of your baking necessities to bake along with the contestants!

Kitchen Scales

You may have seen disaster’s in the Bake Off tent where people haven’t used the right amount of ingredients for their fabulous bakes. Avoid disaster yourself by purchasing a set of kitchen scales that you can rely on. Scales are essential for making sure that you have the right amount of flour, butter and various other ingredients to make creations taste delicious.

We only stock the best kitchenware, so you can bake in peace knowing that the scales that you buy from us are accurate to the gram and will enhance your baking considerably. 


You might associate knives with preparing more than baking, but they have other uses, too. Have you ever tried to cut up a millionaire’s shortbread, but snapped the tip of your knife off before you had the chance? We have, and it was because we weren’t using the right blade of the best quality. 

Treating yourself to high-quality knives can not only improve your baking but it can also improve your cooking, too. It’s a worthwhile investment; high-quality knives will last longer and stay sharp if you look after them well.


Now that you’ve baked your magical and tasty creations, you need something to eat them with. As much as we want to scoff a whole cake ourselves, we may have to share it with some friends and family to show off our bake-off level skills, obviously. Not only should be bake in style with our utensils and tools, but we should eat in style, too.

For the perfect party spread, why not treat your guests to some lovely crockery that you can dish up your creations on? Have a little party and invite your best friends round to swap and try each other’s baked treats. It will be just like the judging portion of the show; except you might be a little gentler with critiques!

Check out our website today to learn more about Bratts, our stores and the fabulous brands that we stock. Anyone can learn to bake with the right determination and tools, so don’t hold yourself back and stock up on everything that you need to get started.

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