Party Essentials Everyone Forgets

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New Year’s Eve is the biggest party of the year! With so much to prepare for it, and the Christmas clean-up to undertake, there’s no surprise if you miss a few things here and there. But, here at Bratts, we want you to have the best party possible. So, we have curated a list of the most common things people forget to buy or upgrade for their New Year’s Party. Make sure you read through to check if you have everything you need or if there are some party essentials you need to pop out to your local town centre and buy!


There is no better way to set the mood this New Years Eve than lighting some gorgeous candles throughout the house. Yankee Candles have an extensive range of sensational smells that can help to create a relaxing atmosphere for your party. Whether you want to keep those Christmas scents burning through to the New Year or want something fresher and fruity, Yankee Candle has a very wide selection to choose from, and as they are such a well-known brand, your guests will surely appreciate them.

Candles also make the perfect mood lighting for parties. When the lights go out, and you start the countdown to the New Year, to avoid being in the complete darkness when the fireworks go off, you can have candlelight to help old and young still appreciate the display while manoeuvring safely around the rooms.

Table Linen

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year, then you will probably want a buffet table. Having a buffet makes serving food much easier than cooking a whole sit down meal, especially if you have a large guest list. You can place the cold food out before people arrive and then pop the hot food in the oven as the party starts. The food won’t need to be continuously watched as it would if you were making a roast dinner, meaning you can enjoy the party yourself.

Even with a buffet table you still need to dress it up a little! Maybe your linens are old and stained, or they just aren’t really party-worthy. So, why not treat your table to some new linens and add some class to your party. You can buy different colours, materials and patterns based on the room decor or occasion. At Bratts we have a wide range of table linens to choose from, so you can find something to match your party and style perfectly.

New Plates and Glasses

As well as treating yourself to some new linens, you could also pick up a new set of plates and glasses to use at your party. Even after New Year’s Eve, they will be perfect for future parties and occasions where you want to use more fashionable dishes. It’s the same for glasses made out of materials like Crystal which can be kept away and brought out for future parties and special meals like birthdays and anniversaries.

A lot of people like to pick plates and glasses that match the style of their kitchen or dining room. This could be white plates with coloured rims or even patterned plates that compliment a plain kitchen design. By doing this, your new dishes could even be used all year round, so every sit-down meal feels stylish and special.

New Outfit

When you are running around organising a party, it’s easy to forget to sort out what you will be wearing for your New Year’s Eve party! You will probably want to dress up as you celebrate, and Bratts has a vast range of both men and women’s clothing to help you find something that suits your taste. We have everything from clothing to shoes and accessories on offer so that you can purchase your whole outfit in one trip!

For women’s clothing, we stock many different designers such as Anna Rose, Joules and Joe Browns Clothing. There is a range of styles, materials, colours and patterns to choose from, so no matter how eccentric or muted your style is there will be lots to choose from.

Even our men’s range is extensive, with brands including HaworthCrew Clothing and Weird Fish. It won’t be hard to find a new fancy shirt and pants for your evening or something more casual and comfortable if that’s what you prefer. We even stock Dare to Wear, a brand creating unique boxers for men if you want to treat yourself.

Make sure your party is impressive this New Years Eve by having the best decor and outfits. Not only will you make the party look amazing, but you also treat yourself to new linens, dishes and clothes that can be used throughout the new year. All of the items listed above are available at our Northwich Bratts store, and to learn more about us and our branches, contact us today for more information.

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