Makeup Trends of 2019

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With the New Year, comes exciting new beauty trends. From our lips to our nails, new styles and colours light up the industry, getting everyone interested in the latest looks to stay on trend. In 2019, we predict a return to the more classic looks with bold contour being replaced by a natural ‘barely there’ style, bold red lips making a comeback, and skin health becoming a massive focus for both customers, celebrities and brands.

If you like to stay on top of what’s hot in the world of beauty, then read on. We have created a list of the best trends that we think will be here to stay, with different looks to suit everyone’s unique style.

It’s All About The Skin

Before we get into the biggest makeup trends of 2019, we need to look towards the topic of the moment: clear smooth skin. Having poor skin health, dry or oily skin can really ruin the overall effect of how your makeup looks, and in 2018 we saw more people focusing on this issue. Skin health has been taking Twitter and Instagram by storm, as many share their tips and tricks to getting better and brighter skin. Having the healthiest skin is key to smooth makeup application and the coveted flawless look, so in 2019 we predict that makeup lovers around the world will be focusing on getting their skin to glow by using some of the best new products on the market.

Big brands like Clinique have been ahead of their time when it comes to nailing it with gorgeous skin products. Clinique have an incredibly effective range of face gels and moisturisers that have been personalised to treat specific skin issues. Not to mention, Clarins, another leading brand in skincare who have their double serum anti-age cream which really helps to smooth out wrinkles, tighten skin and improve vibrancy. With smoother, brighter and happier skin, your makeup will look better than ever before!

Heck, with skin that is glowing and dewy you can even rock the minimum-makeup look this year and embrace your natural beauty. That sounds like a win to us!

Looking Natural

Bold and bright makeup was definitely the in thing for last year, but something tells us that style is “so 2018”  We expect there will be a shift to a more natural look that we have seen on the more recent catwalks. Models feature seemingly makeup-free faces crafted by light foundations and contour work that make them seem au naturel. Big, bold and naturally bushy eyebrows are back in, with a natural sun-kissed, dewy face makeup to give you that ‘just-off-the-beach’ look.

With all-day-long foundations like Estee Lauder’s double wear, you can apply one coat and look smooth-skinned for hours. Using eyeshadows that compliment the natural contours of your eyelids can help you to really enhance them, finish the look off with a light coat of quality mascara and you’ll have nailed the makeup look for this year. Contour has been muted over the past few months, with less dark and contrasting shading and more natural tones applied to the cheekbones.

Emphasis on Cheeks

Another trend that we see taking over the beauty world this year is an emphasis on the cheeks. By this, we’re talking more contour, more blush and more highlighter, but applied to appear natural. Highlighter and contour sets were on the rise in the past couple of years, but nothing compares to what we expect in 2019. Due to the growing popularity among celebrities, high-end brands have been releasing easy to understand contouring palettes and highlighter sets to help us to embrace this look without the makeup artists that A-listers have on speed dial. Many people think that contouring would be very complicated, but with these sets and a wealth of online how-to clips, it is easier than you think. We think this will suit those beauty lovers who are looking to really shape their face using makeup techniques!

Clarins has released a blush and highlighter duo as well as a contouring stick, setting the standard of what we expect from other brands in 2019. By dialling down the makeup on the rest of the face and focusing around the cheek area, you can shape your face and accentuate your features. Romantic pink blush is on the rise, adding that dash of colour to the cheeks reflective of renaissance art.

Vibrant Nails

Every woman knows that having a fresh set of nails makes us feel instantly made up and polished. Nail art has never been more popular, with salons filling their chairs daily with women ready for new nails. Last year saw more muted nude and pink tones on the nails with matte finishes for a subtle look.

But, don’t expect this to last. We predict bright, bold colours and designs to be the biggest hit in the nail industry for 2019, as more people opt for the designs they see on their favourite celebrities and models. With the awards season upon us, hundreds of stars are lining the red carpets showing off their nails as well as their dresses. The unique and bright designs they showcase will be copied by their thousands of fans wanting to add a bit of A-lister glamour into their own lives.

French Red Lips

The bold red lip is back! Once popularised by Taylor Swift during the romantic era of her music, the red lip faded out of popularity for a while as people favoured more nude colours in line with a Kardashian look. But, red is back and it’s bigger than ever. Catwalks are showing this upcoming trend as a bright red tone against a muted or even makeup-free look. Put your blue eyeshadows aside, this new trend is about natural skin tone colours, allowing only a flick of mascara to compliment your red lip. We’re loving this return to a classic make-up look!

Many affordable and high-end brands offer red lipsticks and lipglosses in multiple shades. Every makeup lover knows the subtle differences between one shade of red to the next, and most makeup bags worth their salt have at least a few different shades to compliment an outfit perfectly. One bright red lip might not suit you but another, darker tone might be just perfect. You might want to go for a matte finish one night, but glossy and shimmering the next. While it might seem like a difficult search to find the perfect red for you, a quick look at the Bratts makeup counter can give you all the help and guidance you need to secure your perfect shade. Once you have your perfect red shade, choosing which brand you prefer, like Estee Lauder, Lancome or Clinique, is entirely up to you! All of the make-up we sell is of the highest standard, so you know you will be rocking the red lip in style when you take on this trend.

Bratts have stores in both Nantwich and Northwich stocking all the biggest brands and latest fashions, but our Northwich store also has a vast selection of makeup to choose from too. With so many fabulous trends taking over the beauty industry this year, you can’t miss out on the chance to treat yourself to new makeup. Feel free to contact us today if you want to learn more about our products or business!

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