Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion

Fashion doesn’t have to be appreciated by just women. Whether it’s the shoes that they wear or the style of their t-shirts, men also have fashion styles that they like to keep up with. But as trends change, it’s time that your wardrobe changes with some new brands and styles that are in fashion at this time of year.

To help you find some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of all the latest fashion trends as we head towards autumn and winter. If you want to make sure that you’re wearing the latest styles,  keep reading and then once you’re done, head into your local Bratts store because we always keep up with the trends!

Top Trends Include

All White

A style that has dominated the summer and will continue to as we head into the colder months is an all-white outfit. You can make this style as extreme or minimal as you desire by opting for a plain white t-shirt or an entirely white getup. Direct from runways this year, this fashion trend is bound to make you look more high-end on the streets. 

Take some inspiration from our in-store brands and start switching up your style and start looking like a king of the catwalk. Weird Fish and White Stuff (aptly named) both have some great pieces that’ll be sure to keep you looking crisp white. It won’t be hard to find something to suit this style in our stores as white has always been a popular all-year-round colour. 


A style that has dominated 2019 and the many years before is the stripe. Stripes are a simple way to add something extra to an outfit. Rather than experimenting with loud prints and risking a fashion disaster, stripes are a fail-safe and a staple must-have in your wardrobe to pull an outfit together. As an added bonus, stripes can even help slim you down and appear taller.

At Bratts, we keep up with the trends and stock brands who follow the current styles, but replicate them in their own way. White Stuff has several striped items in their Autumn/Winter ranges or if you want something more casual then Crew Clothing Company have some easy-wearing pieces that’ll help you to look effortlessly stylish. 


Layering is perfect as we enter autumn and winter; not only does it help keep us warm but it can add style to any outfit that we wear. Layering is usually done by incorporating hoodies, jumpers and even gilets into your already-planned outfit. We can dress up or dress down an outfit by adding layers, and on the plus side, we will be ready for cold weather.

Retain a smart casual look by purchasing one of Weird Fish’s gilet’s which can still uphold your professional look on your commute to work or lunch meeting. They have a vast array of sweatshirts for more casual occasions, too. Crew Clothing Company has lots of jumpers to make the transition to winter stylish and comfortable.


Checks are the perfect autumn-chic, so it’s no surprise that they’re back in style this year. Expect to see checks lining the streets as we plough through Autumn and head towards the even colder months. They can be muted, big, small or bright, making it easy to incorporate this design into your everyday style.

In-store, Weird Fish have a wide range of checked, tartan and lumberjack-esc pieces that will jazz up a casual look. If you want something more professional or formal, then Crew Clothing Company has a vast array of shirts perfect for any autumn weddings or christenings.

Keep up with the top fashion trends this year and head into your local Bratts store to find high quality, durable and stylish brands and styles. Check out our website to learn more about the brands, and other products that we stock.

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