How to Travel Light

Summer is coming and so are family holidays, solo travelling trips and couple getaways. It is the time to splash the cash and jet away (or drive!) to somewhere new for a week or two. However, before you can throw on some shades and prepare to head down to the beach, you have the annoying task of packing your bag first. For some people, packing their luggage can be the exciting first step of the holiday, while for others, it is torture. Either way, packing light is the best way to make your transition to the holiday destination smoother. Carefully selecting your outfits can often mean that you can use a smaller suitcase than expected or even just a carry-on bag, leaving you with no excess baggage fees or checked in luggage.

Read on to learn more about why you should pack light this summer, as well as our super top tips on how you can ensure that your suitcase is easy to handle and travel with this year.

The Suitcase

The suitcase is the first place to start when preparing to pack light. Pulling down your hulk-sized suitcase from the attic is not the way to go. Even if you only use up half the room, there is still extra weight and hassle that comes with a large suitcase. Try to find a carry-on bag or smaller luggage bag that will fit all your necessities and clothes without leaving any extra space that you fill with more things that you don’t even need. Carry-on’s can be quite large compared to what you might think, and with some expert packing and rolling of the clothes (check out YouTube – there are thousands of videos on this) you can fit everything in quite nicely.

Also, because it is a carry-on, you are forced to take smaller bottles of liquid and shampoo, helping to bring down your total weight and create more space inside. Things like this are most often provided from hotels or can be bought when you get there, so it’s nothing to get hung up over. By having a smaller bag, you can simply walk onto the plane rather than having to stand around waiting to check-in, making it quicker to pack at home or when on holiday and make multi-destination trips a lot less of a hassle.

For Men

You might think packing for men is easy, all they need is a stick of deodorant, a spare pair of boxers and a t-shirt. But in fact, men are more selective and considerate with their clothing than you might think! If you are struggling to pack light for your holiday or sea-side getaway, then check out our tips:

One thing that always takes up too much space and weight is shoes. Shoes, especially men’s shoes, can be big and clunky and cumbersome. If you want to pack light, then you need to limit the number and type of shoes you bring with you on holiday. If you are going somewhere warm, you don’t need your boots or your thick trainers. You are better bringing light-weight, thinner shoes like slip on trainers, flip flops and sliders which are better suited to a holiday environment. These are easier to pack and help bring the weight of your bag down. Take one pair of thicker shoes on holiday – the ones you wear to the airport there and back from your destination!

Try to limit yourself to clothing that is of similar colours and fabrics. If you bring a couple of pairs of denim shorts or a handful of t-shirts in the ‘blue’ spectrum, not only is it quicker to wash these if you are travelling on the go, it also makes finding an outfit much more straightforward. By choosing clothes which are of similar colours, you can mix and match outfits and styles, meaning you don’t need to pack as many ‘individual’ tops like unique shirts or shorts. Although you do always need at least one wacky holiday shirt!

Lastly, you need to consider the deodorant and toiletries you pack. Whether you are packing light in a carry-on or a regular suitcase, shampoo can be heavy and big and take up space which could be dedicated to clothing and shoes. You also risk a shampoo-explosion if it opens up on route. Choose travel size shampoos and deodorants from supermarkets so they can be tucked into a corner of your suitcase and leave plenty of room. If you are afraid of this running out, remember that many hotels provide shampoo, and if not, wherever you go there is likely to be a shop nearby.

For Women

Women’s clothing can be so stylish and individual that it can often be hard to pack things that can be mixed and matched throughout your holiday. We want each evening outfit to make people go ‘wow’, not ‘she wore that top yesterday’. But you can style clothing to make one dress seem fancy one night and casual the next. And by packing a handful of clothing which can be ‘re-interpreted’ into something new every other day, you save yourself space and weight. Choose a few key pieces for your holiday wardrobe and lay them out on the bed, Grab your accessories and start designing a couple of outfits for each item of clothing. Not only does this help your ‘light-packing’ dilemma, but it also makes getting dressed quicker and easier on holiday as you already know what you are going to wear.

Like men, you need to consider the types of shoes you pack in your suitcase. Heels can be an awkward shape to pack in your luggage, and if you are throwing four pairs in there, it can be horrible for your weight limit too. Try to limit yourself to one or two fancy new heels that can be worn during the evenings and two lighter pairs of sandals, flip-flops or slip-on shoes that can be worn throughout the day.

As women, we tend to condition our hair more or apply treatments and masks to make our locks silky smooth. While this is beneficial for our hair and even our confidence, it can play havoc with the weight limit on our carry-on suitcase or check-in luggage. Try looking for a good 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. You can even get these in travel-sized bottles. They will help to keep your hair looking healthy and your bags feeling light.

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