How to Have the Best Christmas Movie Night

The Grinch stole our hearts, Elf made us fall in love with Buddy, and Home Alone had us rooting for the kid causing havoc in his home (all for a good cause, of course). Christmas films are essential to the festive period as they get us excited for the big day and make us feel joyous and warm inside.

There’s nothing quite like a Christmas movie night in where we settle on the couch with pillows and duvets and enjoy the films we first watched as young children. Whether we’re with friends or family, a Christmas movie night is the perfect way to get together and celebrate the festive period.

Read on for our top tips on how to have the best movie night this Christmas, from creating the perfect set up to having the tastiest food to nibble all night long.

Perfect Set-Up

You might have experience creating sleepover setups as a child, throwing all your pillows, blankets and duvets on the living room floor and camping out there all night long. A Christmas movie night has a similar vibe, so get the comfiest pillows you own and spread your duvets across the couch for you and your family to snuggle under. 

If you want to treat yourself and your bed to better bedding this year, then check out the fantastic brands we have in store. There’s nothing like a super plump or soft pillow (based on your preference) to help ease you off to sleep during your fourth Christmas movie. And a thick, heavy duvet can keep the winter chills away while you laugh and cry with Buddy and the Grinch.

Christmas Candles

Set the atmosphere for your Christmas movie night with a perfectly scented candle. At Bratts, we stock Yankee Candle, a leading candle company that has several ranges themed for different seasons and occasions. This Christmas, invest in a few large jars that will burn all through the holiday period.

Some of our favourite scents this year include Candlelit Cabin for those who love richer smells of pine and spices and Christmas Celebration for a nostalgic scent of chocolate and berries. Another amazing candle from Yankee Candle is Steamed Vanilla Milk and is ideal for those who want a softer smell which is still reminiscent of the festive period.

Tasty Feast

When having a movie marathon, you must have all the right snacks. We’re talking crisps, chocolate, sweets – all spread out across the room in bowls and packets waiting for you to snatch them up. You need something on hand to chew on while we watch all the action unfold in Christmas with the Kranks or Die Hard.

But you don’t have to stop here. To make your Christmas movie night holiday-appropriate, you can take some more time in the hours before the films start to create festive treats. Pigs in blankets, mashed potatoes and Yorkshire puddings are all ideal for a festive movie night. Serve these in some new, stylish dishes and cookware that will make both this night and your Christmas Day feast amazing. Our cookware range has everything you need for cooking and serving the perfect Christmas food.

Comfy Pyjamas

So you’ve created the Christmassy atmosphere, have the food cooking in the oven, and the pillows piled waiting for your family to arrive. The only thing left is to make sure you will be as comfortable as possible during your long movie marathon. A new, fresh pair of pyjamas is a fantastic way to make the night feel special and keep you warm.

Our highly popular brands at Bratts have a range of pyjamas for men and women, in several styles and colours to suit you. Maybe you prefer soft cotton, while your teenage daughter likes short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts. Just come down and take a look and you’ll have a whole new set of pyjamas to lounge around in.

Check out our website today to learn more about Bratts and where you can find our stores. We have information on the fantastic brands we have across all our departments, including clothing, cookware, homeware and even beauty. Make your Christmas special with some new scented candles, bedding and clothes at our one-stop-shop for all your Christmas needs. You could even pick up a gift or two!

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