Five Things To Do During The Summer Holidays

Are you finding it a struggle to find things to do over the Summer Holidays in Cheshire? Sometimes keeping your kids entertained can be quite the challenge, whether you’re out and about or staying at home. Fear not though fellow parents because, in today’s blog post, we’re going to give you five day trip ideas that both adults and children can enjoy over this years warmer months!

1) Chester Zoo

Tiger at Chester Zoo

This may be a given for things to do this Summer in Cheshire, but nonetheless, it’s a great day out for you and your kids to enjoy. We all know what Chester Zoo entails, but there’s so much more to it than walking around and eyeing up a few animals! For starters, play areas. The play areas are perfect for the kids to enjoy and have fun with their friends and siblings, and they are also perfect for adults who need to have a sit-down and a rest! The wooden play area at Chester Zoo is full of ropes to climb, slides to slide down and boats to be sail in the sand. It has so many other activities that you and your family can enjoy too. For example, this summer, the zoo has created 13 life-sized animatronic predators that your kids can go and find. Not to mention, their displays and animal experiences are a great addition to a day at the zoo!

2) Snugburys

Snugburys Ice Cream

If you’re not from the Cheshire area, you may not have heard of Snugburys before, but this place should definitely be on your list of must-visit places this summer! Snugburys, putting it simply, is an ice cream parlour that has a huge straw figurine built in the neighbouring field. That’s right – you and your kids can enjoy a nice, cold and tasty ice cream while taking pictures alongside a huge straw figurine! They even have a few cute animals you can say hello to!

3) The Local Library

Going to a library may seem boring to your children, but what they don’t realise is how a child’s imagination can make a library come to life. Read books with your kids, but while doing so, get into character so that they can enjoy the story while feeling like they are one of the characters! Visiting the library is also an excellent opportunity for your kids to make friends and is completely free! Libraries often have summer reading challenges running that can provide the perfect motivation to keep your little ones reading over the school break!

4) Cinema Trips and Chill Time

It’s all fun and games being up and active every day, but seeing a screening of a new and upcoming film like The Lion King can excite your kids just as much as you! Instead of making it a 2-hour trip, excite your children and play dress-up with face paints and costumes to get your kids into character before they go and see the film! You could even spend the whole day baking lion cupcakes, painting Pride Rock and having roaring competitions to make the cinema trip into a full-day experience.

5) Stay-At-Home-Activities

We all know that it is unrealistic to try to go out on trips every day, so why not bring some fun to the home? Play board games, do some arts and crafts or simply just colour because your kids will appreciate you spending time with them whatever you’re doing. For some high-quality colouring pencils and some fantastically fun board games such as the Logo Game, head down to our Bratts of Northwich to find the perfect addition to your fun-filled day at home! Or are you looking for a bit of a break? Our Lego sets can provide hours of fun – and silence! We have Jurassic World, The Lego Movie, Harry Potter and many other sets that will keep your children happy and entertained!

Have any of these five activities given you ideas for things to do this Summer in Cheshire? Finding things to do in Northwich and our local area can be tricky, but there are so many activities that you could be doing with your kids, some just need a dash of creativity to keep your children engaged! For more summer holiday ideas, head down to our Bratts of Northwich store today, and you might find that special ingredient that can turn any boring activity into a creative masterpiece!

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