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Did you know that 52% of women have never had a bra fitting?

It’s a statistic that shocked us too! That’s over half of us ladies that have never talked with an expert about the support we need on a daily basis. So many women just presume they are wearing the correct bra because it’s the one they’ve worn for so long and it seems to fit ‘okay’.

In fact, the majority of us women (up to 80%) are wearing the wrong bra size. Having the wrong bra size on isn’t just about the appearance of our breasts; badly fitting bras can actually cause risks to our comfort and health too.

Pain in your neck, back or shoulders is a common sign you may be wearing the wrong size bra for your bust. Not only this, but a badly fit bra can also contribute to sagginess and tenderness of your breasts!

Why get fitted by a professional?

Well-fitting lingerie is an essential for your comfort and support. An expert in bra fittings can make sure you can wear styles that make you feel beautiful as well as supported. They will know exactly how to make you feel comfortable throughout your fitting, where to measure and which styles to suggest to best flatter your shape.

A professional bra fitter can help you get fitted correctly, which often means wearing a different size cup to what you have been wearing! The most common problem that us ladies often get wrong when we haven’t been shown the correct way to fit a bra is having an underband which is too large and a cup which is too small.

Rita Ora recently posted about her own first bra fitting urging the rest of us to go and try it out to maximise our daily comfort!

Rita Ora Bra Fitting

What happens in a bra fitting?

Getting professionally measured is quick, simple and comfortable. You’ll usually be asked to just wear your current bra or a vest top, and then your fitter will put a tape measure around your bra and assess how your current bra looks.

Your fitter will then bring you some new bras to try on and will review and adjust each bra until the perfect fit for you is found!

The four main shapes in bras are: plunge, balcony, full cup and strapless.

Many women feel comfortable in a full cup or strapless bra, but if you have a smaller frame and closer cleavage a plunge will usually fit and flatter your shape best. Similarly, if you have broader shoulders and a slight gap between your breasts a balcony style might be your ideal bra. Your fitter can advise you on all of this.

Come down to our free Bra Fitting event!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us for a free, expert Bra Fitting in our Northwich store from Thursday the 4th of April until Saturday the 6th!

We will be joined by experts from the renowned Panache Swimwear & Lingerie brand who we are delighted to now stock in our Bratts store. The Panache ambassador will be on hand throughout the day to help you find your perfect fit in the new Panache Lingerie & Swim range. Plus we are offering 20% off the entire Panache range when you come to be fitted!

Panache White Set

Panache are advocates of helping women find their perfect fit and they have over 30 years’ experience in lingerie – giving them an unrivalled authority in fit.

They pride themselves on offering gorgeous, luxury swim and lingerie wear that is supportive in all the right places. Their brand has a broad size range of 28-42 back sizes and D-K cup sizes, all crafted with your fit, comfort and support in mind.

So, whether you’re looking for some beautiful new lingerie, or you want to find the perfect swimwear for your next holiday, be sure to pop down to Bratts of Northwich for your free bra fitting. We’ll see you there, ladies!

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