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We’re nearly halfway through 2019, so it’s clear what makeup trends have been dominating the beauty community and will continue to for the rest of the year. By stocking high-end beauty brands, we have unrestricted access to knowledge on all the makeup must-haves and stylish looks that are taking over not only catwalks and red carpets but the everyday streets too.

If you want to make sure you’re rocking the popular makeup looks this year, then read on for a list of the top trends. With top-quality brands in our Northwich store, finding items to recreate these looks won’t be hard, and soon you’ll be a makeup master!

Extreme Lashes

Extreme Eyelashes

If you ask people if they could only wear one item of makeup a day what would it be, nine times out of ten they will say mascara. Mascara helps to open the eyes up and draw attention to the centre of the face. It is something so small but it can make a huge impact. Even without foundation, eye shadow or other makeup, it can help enhance your features and give you bags of confidence.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest that you sacrifice all of your makeup. We know that this year the focus is on bigger, bolder mascara. Whether you pair this with a full glam look or your bare face is up to you. We stock many makeup brands who have mascara perfect for building volume in the lashes and creating a dramatic and beautiful look.

Summer Sunset Eyes

Sunset Eyes

There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than a summer sunset, so it’s no big surprise that this is being recreated in our makeup looks. Sunset eyes involve using dreamy colours like pinks, oranges, purples and blues to create the image of a fading sunset. This can be done using eyeliner, eye shadow both matte, glitter and metallic as well as a pop of mascara to bring the whole look together. It is one of the biggest eye makeup trends of this year and is perfect for an evening look while on holiday. Make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to try it and pop into our Northwich store to find the perfect eyeshadow palette.

Punk Bold Eyeliner

Punk Bold Eyeliner

From soft, summer sunsets to punk rock grunge. Another trending eye makeup look this year is smudged or bold clear-cut eyeliner that gives off a rock ‘n’ roll vibe and creates a unique twist on the classic smokey eye. Not a trend for the faint-hearted, this is perfect for those who love makeup and trying out new stylish looks. Many of our in-store brands have eyeliners perfect for both of these styles. But, take a look online for tutorials if you feel like you need some help making this look more perfect punk than a smudged disaster.

Soft, Feather Brows

Soft Feather Brows

Brows have been a massive part of the beauty community in the past few years, going from super thin, over-plucked lines to a more natural, thicker appearance. Brows have and will remain a big part of our makeup routine this year. But, they are taking a slight turn; while they remain large, thick and natural, more runways have begun showing the trend of ‘feather’ brows. Feather brows create the appearance of fanned out brow hairs that almost appear individual at the front before arching into its natural curve. There are various eyebrow products that can be used to achieve this look, like brushes, gels and pencils. Many of the brands we stock have products focused on brows, so it’s easy to find the right utensils to recreate this fashionable look.

Colour Eyeliner

Colour Eyeliner

Be bold and fabulous this year with one of 2019’s biggest trends: the colour eyeliner. Why stick to over-used black when you can experiment with colour and add a bright twist to your everyday makeup? Whether you are doing a full-glam look or something more natural, colour eyeliner can be the little addition you need to grab everyone’s attention. And you don’t need to stick to just one colour! Take your cat eye to the extreme and apply two wings in two different colours. This style works best with liquid eyeliner.

Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest makeup trends so that you can look your best whether you are on a night out or heading out to brunch with some friends. All of these looks can be recreated with makeup from Bratts of Northwich. If you want to learn more about our store, check out our website.

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