25 days of Elf on a Shelf – Part 2

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With so many Elf on the Shelf ideas, we had to split this blog into two! Go back and read our Part One for the first 12 days of Christmas Elf on the Shelf ideas to bring joy and happiness into your home. Here, we will list days thirteen through to twenty-four, so you can keep the festive cheer – and mischief – going on until the big day!

With Elf on the Shelf comes the chance to bring laughter, improve behaviour and create festive cheer all month long. So, to make sure you never miss a day, we’ve collected the best 25 ideas so that there is always something you can do even with only a couple of minutes to spare.

Day Thirteen

Santa’s sent a special letter for the kids and Elf gets the pleasure of delivering it. There are many different sets that you can buy to make a message – our Northwich branch even has some in stock. Once you have your letter, put it in an envelope addressed to the children and instead of a postage stamp, use a Christmas ink stamp in the shape of a Santa, a Christmas tree or a candy cane. Have this letter on or next to Elf, so when your kid’s go looking for him in the morning, they are surprised with this unique letter.

Day Fourteen

Kids love to laugh! When hiding your Elf on the Shelf the night before, pick an area close to a reflective surface like the Bathroom or patio/conservatory doors. Here, you can write a Christmas joke or riddle on a post-it note for them to answer when they wake up, and if they get it right, the Elf can have some sweets hidden behind them for gifts! Make the scene even more Christmassy by surrounding Elf and the question with some festive tinsel.

Day Fifteen

For a simple two minute creation, place your Elf inside one of the stockings with his hands hanging over the edge to make sure he doesn’t slip down in the night. With just his head and hands poking out the top it shouldn’t be too easy or too hard to spot him, giving your kids a good hunt in the morning. When they’ve found him, maybe he’s left some sweets and chocolate at the bottom of the stocking?

Day Sixteen

Oh no! The Elf got locked out! Looks like he misplaced his special, magic key. Wake up before your kids and place your Elf outside your back door or looking in through a window where the kids can see it. Place a magic key on the couch or table nearby, so it looks like the Elf has seen his key – but it’s too late! Your kids can then save the Elf and let him back in and place him on the mantelpiece.

Day Seventeen

When you think of the name ‘Elf’, Elf on the Shelf isn’t the only thing to come to mind. Elf the movie is a family-friendly Christmas film that is a must-watch for many families every year. Buddy, the Elf, is obsessed with sugar and loves syrup. So, why not have your own Elf sneaking some of the syrup out of your cupboards? It’s best to set this one up on the morning and place a straw from the syrup to the Elf. Once your kids find the Elf, you can treat them to pancakes and syrup for breakfast!

Day Eighteen

Take your Elf for a little swim! Use a slipper as a makeshift boat for your Elf and have him sat in it in the sink – don’t fill the sink too much though as you don’t want to find a floating Elf in the morning just a little pool at the bottom will do! Maybe have a few opened and spilt bottles of cheap body wash or shampoo around to make the Elf look like he’s been up to mischief. Also, there’s no harm in using the Elf for your own gain as by using an old slipper for a boat you have to buy yourself some new ones!

Day Nineteen

Hide your Elf up high somewhere, maybe the top shelf of the pantry or on top of the kitchen cupboard. Then, from underneath him drop some toilet roll and draw on the days left in a countdown style to remind them how close to Christmas they are! Use red and green pens and create a Christmas scene with some tinsel and baubles! This will help remind your kids that there’s not long left until the presents, so they need to keep behaving if they want their gifts from Santa!

Day Twenty

With Christmas so close now is the time to reveal Santa’s naughty or nice lists! You can buy a cheap chalkboard if you don’t already own one, or even use a lovely Christmas themed paper to write on. Obviously, your kids will be on the nice list, so you can either forgo the naughty side or even place Elf on it! Having the list for your kids to find will make them happy knowing that Santa is coming for them as well as get them more excited than ever for the big day.

Day Twenty-One

It’s not long until Santa will arrive and deliver the kid’s presents. But to be sure he makes it to the right house, it’s best you attract the reindeer the best way possible. Reindeer food has been a tradition for many families over the years. It’s oats combined with glitter and other sprinkles, and families throw it on their grass to help guide Santa’s sleigh to their home. Have your Elf appear this morning with a little bag per child so that they are ready for the night of the 24th when they can spread it out across the garden.

Day Twenty-Two

Some people prefer to hang their stockings up all month and fill them the night before Christmas. Others, prefer to only hang them up in the last few days during the run-up to the big day. Whatever your prefered choice is, you can make even more mischief by surrounding your Elf with the stockings as another scene of chaos. Have your children wake up and go downstairs to look for the elf. They should find him quickly on the mantelpiece or wherever you hang your stockings – only there are no stockings! Some parents like to take the stockings down and hide them, so the kids have another treasure hunt to go on, while others like to replace them with things like socks or underwear. This can be a great way to encourage them to tidy their rooms to find the missing stockings!

Day Twenty-Three

Storytime! Many parents like to create the tradition of reading a Christmas story on the night before the big day. So why not have your Elf deliver a new book for your kids! Create the scene by having the book open in front of the elf and surround him with your kid’s teddies and toys, so it looks as though the Elf has been reading to them all night! With a little gift for your kids before Christmas, it is bound to excite them!

Day Twenty-Four

Christmas Eve is here, and it wouldn’t be complete without a farewell from the Elf on the Shelf. If one of your children has a toy car, plane or boat big enough to fit the Elf in, then borrow it, or buy a cheap one from the shops. Place the Elf in the vehicle. Have one of the Elf’s hands up high to look like he is waving goodbye to your kids when they find him.

The Elf on the Shelf may require extra effort from parents, but the memories they can make will last a lifetime. If you haven’t picked up your Elf for this year be sure to grab one for next Christmas. They can bring some extra magic to the month and keep your children believing in Santa for longer. If you are struggling to find one, pop into our Northwich branch and see if we still have one in stock.

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