Bringing the Scents of Christmas into Your Home

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Christmas is just around the corner. People have started their shopping, put up the decorations and are listening to classics like Michael Buble, Mariah Carey and Wham! The festive cheer is reaching every one of us as we countdown the days on our advent calendars, catch up on the trending Christmas adverts and prepare to go ice skating, sledging and, if the weather permits, making snowmen in our gardens!

You may have your tree decorated and lights on your house, and even the traditional tub of celebrations on your living room table, but you may be missing out on a way to bring even more festive cheer to your home. Many people often forget to bring the smells of Christmas and miss out on the chance to really improve the ambience. A lovely smell can be very powerful and help to build a truly festive atmosphere – some scents can even remind you of your childhood memories.

Read on if you want to learn the reasons why you need a Yankee Christmas candle this year, and why they would make the perfect gift for friends and family!

Add a Festive Feeling to Your Parties

During the holiday season, there are so many friends and family gatherings where people open their homes to their nearest and dearest. When you are hosting you may think that festive cocktails, food and music, might make it Christmassy enough – but don’t you want to go the extra mile? Adding a Christmas Yankee Candle allows you to take that festivity one step further and impress your guests with the gorgeous smell of your home. Yankee Candles have a vast range of scents, so whether you prefer a spiced cinnamon smell or freshly baked gingerbread cookies, there is a candle for you. When throwing a party, you could spread a few different candles in alternative rooms and create a maze of Christmas smells that elicits a response from everyone. You can even use the candles to create decorative centrepieces for your table thanks to their gorgeous signature design.

Make Movie Night More Christmassy

Christmas movies are a big part of many families traditions, and they are a great way to get everyone excited for the big day. There is a Christmas movie for everyone – from Home Alone to Scrooged and it can be a lovely way to spend some quality time relaxing after a stressful day present shopping. Whether you are snuggled up with the whole family or just your partner, you can make Christmas movie nights feel even more cuddly and cosy with a lovely scented candle. By lighting a Yankee Candle during the film time, not only are you engaging your sight and hearing with Christmas cheer, but also your sense of smell too. A joyful experience that tops the cinema any day, having a Christmas classic on the TV with a few scented candles scattered around the room can get even the teenagers off their phones and basking in Christmas joy.

Make You Christmas Book Even More Immersive

Another tradition that many families enjoy is reading a Christmas story. Some people like to do this regularly throughout December while others reserve it for the night of Christmas Eve with their children. Whenever you choose to read your book – or books – having a burning Christmas Yankee Candle can make the experience even more memorable. It can really help you to relax you and engage you in the story as Christmas scents surround you. And, for years to come whenever you smell that same candle, you will be reminded of the book you read and the memories you share with your family.

Add Relaxation to Your December Evenings

The Christmas period can be hard to get through. Your boss might be pushing you to the limit before everyone goes on leave and endless hours of shopping, cleaning and worrying about food preparation can leave you feeling tired and drained. Sitting down after a hard day with a Yankee Christmas candle can help you to unwind and relax and remind yourself that it is all worth it for the joy and happiness of the big day!

You can even take the candle into the bathroom with you, as you soak with a special Christmas bath bomb or bubbles. The scents from the candle will help to clear your mind and allow you to focus on the excitement of the big day as well as recall memories that remind you why this is the best holiday of the year. Just be careful you don’t relax too much and fall asleep with your candle still burning!

Add that Special Christmas Smell to the Big Day

The 25th of December has rolled around, and now you, your partner or your family are huddled around the Christmas tree opening presents and sharing laughter and joy. The Christmas music is on – or maybe even your favourite film – and you are revelling in the process of handing out gifts and opening your own for a wonderful surprise. This can’t get any better! But it could… Whether you are making the Christmas dinner in a rush, setting the table or playing games, the Christmas feel never leaves the room or your mind if you have a Yankee Candle burning – the scents of Christmas can surround you and create an even more relaxing atmosphere! It ties the whole day together and makes it a Christmas you, your family and friends will never forget.

Don’t forget – it’s the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend

We all have trouble picking out a present for that tricky Aunt or Mum who has everything, or even the Office Secret Santa that we don’t really know. Well, a Yankee Candle is the perfect solution. The brand already has a large following and a highly regarded reputation, so you are guaranteed to impress. Their beautiful design and the wide variety of scents can make Christmas shopping simple.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you can make it even more special for yourself and others by the simple addition of a Yankee Candle. With so many different Christmas smells, there will be something for everyone that screams Christmas when they smell it or reminds them of their own childhood sat around the Christmas tree. With the Yankee Candle Christmas collection, it can be very tricky to pick just one scent! Why not pop into our Northwich store and purchase your own Yankee Candles? You won’t regret it!

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