Brighten Your Summer with Yankee Candles

Everyone loves candles; they create a soft glow, emit aromas that help us to relax wherever we are and keep the nasty bugs away! As summer approaches, it is the perfect time to stock up on some new candles ready for date nights around the TV and summer evenings spent in the garden. At Bratts, we are proud to have an extensive range of Yankee and WoodWick Candles in various scents, perfect for creating any atmosphere you desire. Whether you are hosting a late night summer BBQ or having a chilled out movie night with the family, these candles can be the little extra you need to soothe you into relaxation.

Read on for our top reasons why you need a Yankee Candle to brighten up your summer, as well as look at some of the amazing scents we have to offer in our store.

Perfect Atmosphere

Floral Yankee Candle

Candles can be romantic, relaxing and soothing. The calming light and mixture of scents play with our senses and help to elevate our mood. This makes them a lovely way to set the atmosphere on a date night, whether that’s tucked up on the couch with the TV or at the dining room table sharing a home-cooked meal. With the windows open and the summer breeze wafting in, the ambience is perfect for some one-on-one couple time.

At the same time, Yankee Candles can be used to help the whole family wind down after a busy summer day out. Kids, especially the younger ones, tend to be pretty hyper during summer as they are away from school and often playing out with their friends all day long. Lighting a candle and turning off the lights to read their bedtime story can help them to calm down at the end of the day.

Amazing Aromas

Fresh Yankee Candle

Yankee Candles have a fantastic range of different scented candles, and are always bringing out new aromas for the seasons and holidays like summer and Christmas. One of their classic scents for summer is the crisp and fresh Clean Cotton which has always been a firm favourite. They also have several floral scents perfect for summer like Cherry Blossom, Blush Bouquet and Linden Tree, which can be lit during a relaxing summer brunch or dinner. Alfresco Afternoon adds a mandarin tint to the floral smells, making it ideal for those who love citrus scented candles.

If you prefer something muskier, yet still summery, then Yankee Candle also has Moonlit Blossoms and Seaside Woods. These two scents are perfect for a late night stargazing session in the garden, or a romantic candlelit dinner on the patio. Available in a range of sizes, you will be smelling these candles all through the summer and can even save them for next year too!

No More Pesky Bugs

WoodWick Candles

Yankee and WoodWick Candles are also perfect for when you want to spend a warm summer night outside. As we get deeper into summer, the nights stay warm and humid, and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a late night drink or a chilled out read in the garden. However, with summer comes pesky bugs and creepy crawlies that ruin your relaxation and have you swatting at your skin when they bite. By having candles out – especially citrus based ones, the scents can ward off pests and help keep you bite-free all night long. By placing a few small candles or one of a large candles on a table near you, you get the warm light, perfect aroma and handy defence against midges altogether.

Treat yourself to some summer scents and enhance your happiness during this warm season. Candles can boost our mood and help us to relax after a busy day, so it’s imperative that we have some around the house! At Bratts, we are delighted to stock Yankee and WoodWick Candles and have many of their scents on offer. To learn more about our stores and us, visit our website for more information.

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