Best Shirts for Your Summer Holiday

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With summer just around the corner, sorting out your wardrobe should be a number one priority. You don’t want to be that guy at the BBQ wearing thick denim jeans and a jumper because he forgot to buy any nice summer clothes. At Bratts, we stock several high-end fashion brands that will make shopping for summer a breeze. We all love to splash the cash a little before a holiday and purchase some new clothes, and as shirts are one of the essential items you’ll need, don’t look any further than our store for a vast selection to choose from.

If you are confused about what style of shirt to buy or what’s the best shirt for a summer holiday, then read on. Looking at our various brands and current trends, we have compiled a list of the must-have shirts for this summer.

Short Sleeve Shirts & T-Shirts

It’s a given that short sleeve shirts and T-shirts are a necessity in summer. You don’t want to walk around with sweat patches, constantly tugging at the collar of your shirt to cool down. Short sleeves make it easier for the air to circulate through the shirt and keep you cool. They also look stylish and can be dressed up or down for any event. Several of our brands, like Haworth and Weird Fish, have some great short sleeve shirts that come in a variety of colours like blues and pinks which make them perfect for summer. If you are looking for a staple short sleeve shirt that can be thrown on to match any outfit, Weird Fish has an extensive collection of various coloured and patterned shirts in summer colours that will guarantee you look fashionable and sophisticated.

Classic Holiday Shirt

Holiday Shirt Weird Fish

What do you mean by classic holiday shirt, you might ask. Picture every film you’ve ever seen set on vacation: nine times out of ten the main male character will be wearing that classic floral print Hawaiian t-shirt probably in a blazing red or sea-blue – like this one by Weird Fish. These shirts are so iconic, and this is why we love them so much. It is basically a law that you need to have at least one in your suitcase this year. We have a huge range of shirts like this on offer that scream summer holidays and come in bright, attractive colours.

If you want something a little less ‘in your face’, then take a look in store as we have shirts that are bright but subtle – perfect for an evening meal by the beach or exploring the local sights. This style really adds personality to any holiday wardrobe.

Floral Shirts

When you picture a summer shirt, one image that is sure to come to mind is flowers. Floral shirts are some of the most popular as they add a beautiful design to an otherwise plain shirt, making it appropriate for both a casual holiday walk or a fancy dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. In store, we have many floral shirts to choose from across all our brands. For a laid-back look, these will go perfectly with some denim shorts and white trainers. However if you’d like something more formal, these shirts also look great paired with chinos and brogues.

Colourful Shirts

Haworth Mens Bright Polo

Summer is a time for bright colours and sunshine, making it perfectly acceptable to step off the plane in a colourful shirt that demands everyone’s attention. Try to wear a shirt like this in winter and you might feel a bit out of place amongst the grey jumpers and black t-shirts, but in summer, it is the perfect shirt for any holiday activity, even if you are just lounging by the pool! Reds, blues, greens and yellows are all very popular choices.

All a bit too bold for your tastes? Pure white shirts may not be ‘colourful’ but you should always take at least one on holiday with you. They look fantastic a few days into your trip as they can really highlight your tan. They are always great to wear on your last day so you arrive back to the UK with a healthy glow on show.

Don’t panic on the night before your holiday when you realise you have no holiday shirts. Instead, start looking in store now for some of the best summer shirts we have to offer. If you want to learn more about the brands mentioned or out stores, then contact us today or check out our website.

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