5 High School Must-Haves

The January blues are nearly upon us, and with them comes the freedom of sending our kids back to school. No more Christmas or New Year celebrations, instead, education, eight hours a day. But, before you get too excited at the prospect of saying goodbye to your kids for half of the day, we need to make sure that as parents, we have given them everything that they need or replenished them with anything that they have already lost at the beginning of the school year.

Read on for our top 5 high-school must-haves for your kids in the new year. Make sure that your kids feel happy and stylish enough for the duration of this year; it’s time to put their Christmas presents to good use!

Stylish Backpacks

A number one essential for high school for any kid is the backpack. At the start of the year, you may have given them a side bag or plastic bag for that matter, but these types aren’t always ideal.  You need the bag to carry books, paper, pens, homework, lunch and so much more. A kid uses a backpack more than anything else during their school day, digging into it during class to fish out their highlighters and notebooks. So, because of this, you need to make sure that they have a backpack that is not only stylish to keep them from not moaning but durable, too.

For example, if your buying for your daughter, Cath Kidson is a fantastic brand which has a vast array of designs across their products. Their backpacks are well known for being sometimes quirky and different, but always stylish and pretty. These are perfect for any girl who wants something different than an everyday grey backpack from the local supermarket. You can even treat them to matching pens and pocket diaries!

Comfy Shoes

Shoes are probably one of the most important items to get right for your child. If you have already started the year with poor quality shoes, the chances are they are already wrecked from your child causing havoc on the field. So, this time, you need to find a pair that will last for the next couple of years until your kid’s feet start to grow again. But, unfortunately, this is a little too often than we would like, so it is imperative that we don’t break the bank for a pair of school shoes that won’t be used in a few months time. 

Bugatti shoes are perfect if you have older kids whose feet are starting to stretch out into adult sizes. Finding affordable shoes for them can often be hard, especially as you need them to be high-quality. Bugatti has a range of shoes that come in styles that are professional and perfect for high school; made from the finest of leathers and fabrics, their shoes are made to last.

Special Skincare

As our kids go through their high school years, they also face puberty which means they develop a sense of awareness of how they look. Unfortunately, school environments are not always the best place for young teens in this case as they are highly influenced, and bullying is continuously on the rise.

Treating your child to some special skincare is the best way to help them take control of their skin issues and overcome any negative feelings that they have towards themselves. More often than not, a kids skin goes through hell during puberty, so skincare can be a great way to make them feel more confident if it combats their condition. Clarins has a specially designed skincare range for teenagers who suffer from skin issues; why not treat your child to some high-end skincare products to help them get their skin and self-confidence thriving? 

Perfect Perfume

A great Christmas present that will come in very handy as your kid(s) start back at school is perfume/cologne. You’ll probably be surprised at how much a bottle of perfume can boost a child’s confidence. 

Here at Bratts, we have several fantastic fragrance brands who offer vast ranges of products in various scents, sizes and aromas. Clinique’s ‘Aromatics’ could be the ideal gift for your daughter, for instance. Pop into our Northwich store today to start sniffing some of our luxurious perfumes and colognes so that you can find the right one for your child, and watch them be given so many lovely compliments as they wear it at school.

Make sure that your kids are ready for high school (again) as they return after a very busy period of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Check out our website today to learn more about our Bratts stores and the various brands that we stock.

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